Currency in North Cyprus

The official currency in North Cyprus is the Turkish Lira, the symbol for which is abbreviated as “₺” or TL. However, Euros, British Pounds and Dollars are also widely accepted in shops/restaurants (when paying with foreign currency, be prepared to get change in Turkish lira) as well as on larger purchases. There are also many Bureau de Exchange offices offering competitive rates all over the country.
Additionally, all restaurants, cafes, shops and hotels accept Visa and Mastercards, which greatly simplifies the procedure of storing cash in your pockets.
You can also easily withdraw cash through ATM machines.
Cryptocurrency is also widely used in North Cyprus. Buying property with cryptocurrency is also possible.
Please note that all property purchases in North Cyprus are fixed in British pounds. However, it’s also possible to make the sales contract in USD or Euros, based on the exchange rate on the day of signing of the contract.