Education in North Cyprus

Education in North Cyprus is compulsory and divided into 2 categories:
1) Government schools and colleges;
2) Private fee-paying schools and colleges.
Both government and private schools offer high educational standards, which are controlled by the TRNC Ministry of Education throughout the academic year. Education in government schools is completely free of charge, whereas private education charge fees.
Government Schools and Colleges:
Education in government schools is predominantly in Turkish language, and English language is taught as a compulsory second language, with an additional elective option of German or French language. There are also four different “Maarif Koleji/Maarif College” government schools in North Cyprus, that offer secondary and high school level of education, in which the teaching language is English. However, an entrance exam is required to attend these schools.
Private Schools and Colleges:
Education in private schools is in English language, with an additional elective option of usually German or French language.
As the private schools provide longer hours of education, they offer an extended curriculum and follow the UK education system, offering IGCSE, AS and A-Levels, as well as offering SAT and TOEFL exam preparation.
Private education fee varies depending on the age of the student and the establishment itself. An average fee varies around 2500$ per academic year, whereas the maximum college fee can be up to 8700$ per year. Many foreigners prefer to send their children to private schools (ranging from Nursery to University Level) depending on their preferences and financial capacity.
Extra-curricular activities are also of importance, where the students are encouraged to take part in various different activities including dancing, music, sports, and etc.
Private colleges also often provide summer schools and organize a wide choice of activities and trips.