Healtcare in North Cyprus

North Cyprus has a well-developed public and private health system.
Emergency medical services provided at the Accident and Emergency department is free of charge for everyone, including local residents, expat residents or international tourists. The emergency number for ambulance service is 112.
Additionally, there are a number of private hospitals and medical care available which is extremely affordable. For non-emergency treatment, many long-stay visitors and expat residents choose private clinics and hospitals. Prices for procedures in private clinics in Northern Cyprus are very reasonable compared to the UK or Europe.
There are also a lot of pharmacies in North Cyprus, that are generally private-owned. They are staffed by knowledgeable specialists who generally speak English. They will assist you by giving advice for the safe use of medication
Pharmacies are open between 08.00-13.00 and 15.00-19.00 on weekdays and 08.00-13:30 on Saturdays.
On duty pharmacies will remain open from 8am to 2am. You can learn the on duty pharmacy in your region from https://www.kteb.org/dp/?lang=tr
North Cyprus is also the perfect location for health, medical, cosmetic and dental tourism as well as IVF with low costs and an ideal climate for post-operative recuperation. Many visitors are usually patients who come from the UK and other European countries.